LogWall Profile Style

Round Profile Logs


This is our most popular choice – the round profile option where all logs are cut between 30mm-150mm in diameter. We can cut larger profiles if required.

When selected for the modular panels we incorporate a number of specifically positioned half cut logs along the panel edges. These will join together when fixing panels in position – giving you the appearance of a seamless fit which we believe is very important.

Split Profile Logs


The split only look gives a much tighter panel and hardly any backing board will be able to be seen. (Less important if you are not incorporating a bright colour on your panel)

This option is less favourable for modular panel installations due to the complexity of concealing the straight panel joins. That’s not to say it’s impossible, but if required, we recommend an on site installation by our team to create the seamless effect.

Round & Split Profile Log Mix


We particularly like this style of round and split. It gives the LogWall a complete sense of randomness and if opting for a staggered cut arrangement gives some really great drop shadow.

As with the round only option, choosing this style in modular also produces seamless panel connections.

log wall 35