Fixing & Hanging LogWall Panels

Single Panel & Modular

Fixing panels in position is a very easy process. Simply screw straight into a wall or into timber batons. Screws are easily hidden between log discs, or discs can be removed and replaced to completely conceal the sunken screws.


Alternatively, for single panels measuring under 1.2m x 2.4m we can supply a hanging bracket. Our brackets are very simple and effective. We will fix the panel part of the bracket for you leaving you to simply fit the opposing wall bracket. Each bracket comes with a handy spirit level to ensure an accurate line.


Larger Commercial Installations

If you have a LogWall requirement and would like for us to price our installation service then we would be happy to do so. We have an excellent team of installers who do in fact make the LogWall panels too – so you’ll be in great hands. Simply indicate in your quotation request for this service to be priced. Alternatively please do drop us a call.

LogWall Senses

LogWall in place? Time to play with your senses!