LogWall Senses

All of the logs which form our panels are thoroughly kiln dried by us. As a result, not only do they look great but the absorption properties of each and every log disc are perfect for the infusion of scented oils.


By simply applying scented oils with a brush to a selection of log discs the scent release will radiate across any open space. Why not consider our ‘foody’ flavours for dining areas, flowery scents for your hallways and reception areas – or consider locating a panel on a wall in a toilet or wash room area. The scent releasing opportunities are truly endless.

Our 100ml bottles will scent an area of panel 40cm x 40cm (faces only) up to 10 times. Each application will deliver a scent for up to 4 weeks. Once applied to your log faces they will assume a slightly darker shade.


Scents will fade after a while, but guess what – just re-apply, change the scent – why not mix scents!


Browse our LogWall Senses (We have over 40!)

Please note that our scented oils are not suitable for LogWall panels which have been weather proofed or fire protected.