Logwall Arrangement

The arrangement style decision of your LogWall panel is an important one – and it can change the entire look of your LogWall whichever you choose.

Staggered Cut Arrangement


The most popular option to date is the staggered cut. It gives greater depth to your LogWall and creates wonderful shadows. Wherever the light source – the LogWall comes to life and instantly draws the eye. Recent installation contractors have incorporated wall lights through our LogWall panels too – and have also opted to use coloured lighting – truly effective.

Flat / Level Cut Arrangement

The flat / level cut option gives a much more detailed and uniform feel. It is particularly common in areas where the depth of panel becomes an issue. With this option we can reduce the depth of panel to just 48mm. Popular uses for our level cut arrangement include bar fronts and shallow alcoves. For the home, they are commonly chosen to conceal open fireplaces where the sidewalls taper inwards making it difficult to use stacking logs neatly and effectively.

LogWall Environment

Are you displaying indoors or out?