Decorative Log End Flooring & Floor Installation

Totally Organic & Specialised - Bespoke Log Profile Flooring

log end floor

We’ve been producing LogWall panels for sometime now and it is growing in demand not only in the commercial market but in the homeowners market too.

Over the years it’s been suggested that we should turn our log panel making skills to that of flooring. We know it is being done over in the United States by a small selection of specialists but not so much over here in the UK. Well, having listened and researched, we’re pleased to confirm that we are now offering a complete supply and installation service for decorative log flooring.

Our model is not to create a tile version of our LogWall for the floor – but to keep it bespoke and piece it all together in situ as a project. We feel to achieve the highest standard of log flooring it should be made as you would expect – log by log!

We’ve researched and tested methods over the last 12 months and we’re confident we now have a solution for creating the perfect log floor. From helping you choose the species of log and diameter range through to deciding on the varnished finish.

Our complete service comprises:-

  • Log supply, all kiln dried and fine cut. We have access to many hardwood and softwood species across 10,000 acres of private woodland estates.
  • Species include Cedar, Cherry, Oak and Birch to name a few.
  • Full bark removal and pre-sanding of log edges.
  • The complete laying and pre-bonding of logs to the floor.
  • Our own grouting recipe for infilling between all of the logs. (Colour range available)
  • Full fine sanding of log tops when fixed in position to reveal their natural ring detail.
  • Varnishing to an elegant and hard wearing finish. (Colour range available including matt, satin and gloss finishes)
decorative log flooring

If our service strikes an interest then please do get in touch. We are prepared to be extremely well priced on our first few projects to build a photographic portfolio.

``Perfect For Conservatories, Orangeries, Halls, Bathrooms & Ensuites!``

How To Measure Your Floor Area


Pick a room!

Room A

The basic rectangle – simply measure the length and width in metres. Then multiply the two measurements together to give the total M².

Room B

Nearly a basic rectangle but with a corner missing. Simply divide the area into 3 parts as shown in the diagram to the left. You will need to half the result for the triangular section. Then add all 3 parts together to give the total area in M².

Room C

This room shape is a little more difficult but can be made easy by breaking it up into squares and rectangles. For this type of shape we recommend drawing a simple sketch plan and then dividing it into shapes on paper. This way you can easily identify the measuring points in the room.

When done, add up all the areas and you have your total M².