Welcome to LogWall - We're specialist producers of decorative LogWall panels for homes, hotels, inns & restaurants, the retail environment & the workplace. We pride ourselves on delivering a core range of decorative log panels - whilst combining a select range of both complimentary & optional finishing touches.

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LogWall Modular – Our Most Popular Creation!

Unlike other log panel providers our modular LogWall solutions incorporate:-

  • Double & triple screw fixed logs opposed to chemical bonding.
  • Visually seamless panel joins.
  • Finer cut logs eradicating splintering.
  • Staggered or level cut logs allowing greater depth of panel control.
  • Panel thickness of up to 6.8cm – nearly double that of other market alternatives.
  • Over 1000 panel backing colours to choose from.
  • Optional finishes such as weather protection and fire proofing.
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